A Thousand Worlds...

The cosmic primitive
for NFT adventures on Starknet

It all starts with Sparks

Each Spark is incubated to be turned into a HomeWorld that you can name and make your own. There are many types of HomeWorlds which produce rare resources, yield special powers or contain unique structures known all accross the galaxy.

Your HomeWorld represents you, your group of friends or your favorite DAO in the galaxy. Use it to form Alliances, play politics or farm Resources.

(199 HomeWorlds are set aside for the main storyline)

Type: Forge
Biome: Jungle
Size: Medium

Type: Orion
Biome: Phantom Fields
Size: Large

Type: Elementium
Biome: Crystal Rifts
Size: Medium

Type: Akama
Biome: ???
Size: Medium

An ever-changing galaxy

Use Resources to Warp your planets accross space and explore new Regions.

Being in a specific Region at a specific time allows your planets to yield unique Resources, which if you're lucky could provide some upgrades...

Expect your surroundings and rewards to evolve with time due to the Odyssey's modular nature.

A sandbox for Storytelling

The galaxy never resets. Odyssey provides a shared-imagination base layer for Starknet's NFT ecosystem. That means that the game state will never be reset, and all the events happening over time will be part of its past, forever.

People and projects who own HomeWorlds shape the state of the universe.

History written by you.

Customisable Worlds

Modular Spatial Grid

Strategic Farming

Permission-less Expansion

Loot unique NFTs

Wen Discord?

Coming soon to a galaxy near you.

Why are Sparks on L1 and not on L2?

Since the Starknet Mainnet is still in its infancy, it's more sensible to mint the Sparks on L1. Every Spark holder will then be able to bridge it to L2 and exchange it for a HomeWorld that will forever live on Starknet.

What is the total supply?

3888 HomeWorlds are to be claimed.

199 additional Worlds will be minted to support the main story-line.
How can I claim a Spark?

We will soon distribute redeem codes allowing people to claim up to 5 Sparks each.

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